Sunday’s fare

Breakfast was wholemeal toast with Vitalite margarine and Marmite.
Lunch was sausages, burgers, halloumi and vegetables.

Clockwise: Red and sweetheart cabbage sauteed and sprinkled with sesame seed.
Baked halloumi, oven cooked Quorn Vegan Hot and Spicy burgers and Linda McCartney vegan, soya free sausages.

Clockwise: Sauteed new potatoes, lightly sauteed cauliflower couscous (we’ve decided we prefer this raw), wok fried leeks, courgettes, mushrooms and baby plum tomatoes.

Raw cauliflower couscous with very finely chopped leeks, mushrooms, red cabbage and walnuts and the broccoli which I prepped but forgot to use!

Early evening we had banana pancakes with raspberries, blueberries and natural yoghurt…again. It is still a big favourite.



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