Paneer tikka, gobi bhaji and naaaaaaaaaaan!

I enjoy going out for dinner. I like informal and fine dining, the former being a more frequent occurrence for us…actually it’s very frequent! If you’re dining out for the joy of eating then throw caution to the wind and enjoy. If it’s because you’re hungry, had no time to prepare dinner, too tired to prepare dinner then do be aware of what you eat.

We mostly do it because we work long hours and if we nip out to eat we aren’t distracted by work. Thursday evening was one of those occasions. We have three regular haunts (have just discovered a fourth) whose menus we know well and this helps with making a sensible choice.


On Thursday I chose paneer tikka with gobi bhaji. It’s a tandoori cheese dish, with onions and peppers and a side of cauliflower and it’s “sensible carbs”. I rarely choose rice as it’s delicious and the portions are huge and I eat the lot. My husband chose a lamb balti which included a naan bread the size of Wiltshire AND he ordered mushroom rice (one of the most delicious) then realised it was too much food for one meal. As is the case for most of us, when it’s on the table, we eat it. So do beware of over ordering. We find take away portions to be even larger, so again, be wary. I generally order starter portions.

Personally, I prefer quality over quantity.
If I’m going to overload on carbs and calories, then it has to be worth it.


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