Pasta alternative

SWCabbageI love pasta and where possible always use wholewheat. A particular favourite is tagliatelle but I have yet to find a wholewheat version of this, so as a low carb alternative I use cabbage. Yes, cabbage! Slice a sweetheart cabbage cross ways (I was using this one to make sauerkraut…a great dairy free probiotic) and this is what you get.


I plunge the cabbage into boiling, lightly salted water for about three minutes.
Last night we had it with a Bolognese sauce made using leeks, mushrooms, Quorn mince, tinned chopped tomatoes, white wine and fresh basil. I seasoned it with pepper, a tiny amount of salt and a goodly dollop of Marmite. Even if you’re a Marmite hater it’s worth using but season cautiously as it is salty.


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