Not one of my best!

We don’t all have perfect days. Yesterday was not one of my finest. I worked 13 hours and ate and drank at my desk. Actually, it was a beautiful day so I relocated to a table in the garden for a couple of hours.

Breakfast was late, a couple of scrambled eggs, no salt or pepper
but a dollop of brown sauce.

Lunch didn’t happen but throughout the day I had a handful of almonds, ten or so walnut halves and half a block of halloumi (hey, it had to be eaten or thrown!). I had half a dozen or so tea/coffee, mostly decaf and about a litre of water.

Dinner came home with my husband in the form of a lamb biryani for him and paneer tikka with his vegetable curry for me and one small glass of red wine.

So whilst I didn’t eat anything too bad (apart from the 100g of halloumi, which is very salty) I only had one portion of overcooked vegetables.

But IT’S OK! I eat well most of the time so a blip now and then is not a problem.



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