Almost caught up…

La la lasagne!

I love love love lasagne



In the bottom of the dish is a layer of veggie mince, onions, mushrooms, garlic, pepper, a little salt and a teaspoon of Marmite.
Then a layer of fresh lasagne which is spread with mashed sweet potato then covered with fried spinach and red onions.
Then another layer of pasta and a tin of whizzed up tinned tomatoes is poured slowly over the whole thing.
whack it in the over for 40 minutes or so on Gas Mark 6-ish and there you go.
Torn pieces of mozzarella on the top before going in the oven is pretty darn good, too.

I make pizza bases using white flour, olive oil and water. This one is topped with chopped tinned tomatoes, sliced fresh tomato, Quorn Chorizo (tangier than the Quorn Pepperoni) partly fried mushrooms and onions and torn mozzarella.

Photo 20-06-2014 07 00 51 pm
Ciabatta filled with salad and grilled halloumi.


I had a bit of craze for fried/grilled halloumi. I was using it as a replacement for tofu.
On the left with a peppery salad and on the right with stir fried spiralized courgette, kurly kale, mushrooms and tomatoes…also with pan fried loin of pork for my toyboy husband, who has since decided not to eat meat.


I tried Jamie Oliver’s roast celeriac. It is brilliant but you do have to be a serious lover of the stuff as roasting it intensifies the flavour beyond your wildest imaginings.


I used Oatly oat cream to make a mushroom sauce. It all looks good on the plate, don’t you think?
But really, it was too strong for us.


On the left a simple and very quick vegetable curry and another similar on the right

Quinoa and summer fruits

I have no idea why I’ve not had this before

Quinoa (cooked), summer fruits (they were frozen, I spread a few on a plate and defrosted them in the
microwave for about 30 seconds) and hazelnut milk. It was blooming lovely.
Tomorrow I shall be having it with nuts and seeds.

Frosty start…

It was cold and frosty this morning and perfect for creamy porridge…
slow release energy and full of beta glucan which lowers LDL (the not so good cholesterol)

I make mine with water, a smidge of salt and quite thick. I then like to pour a little oat milk or oat cream over it, which seeps in and gives it a wonderful texture. Today I added blueberries (currently very well priced at Asda) and a mix of pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds to give me my omegas. (No flax for me as I avoid phytoestrogens)

Sauteed broccoli

Tonight’s dinner was more of a light supper…sometimes it’s all we want.


Toasted baguette spread with vegan margarine and tomato puree then loaded with sauteed red onion, mushroom, courgette, celery, brussel sprouts, broccoli and sesame seed, sprinkled with vegan “parmesan” and put under the grill for a minute or so. And very nice it was, too!


Last night I made Harissa Wraps…all the protein, vitamins, minerals and fibre
a body needs in perfect balance. Bit messy though!

Red onion, mushrooms, tiny plum tomatoes, greens, courgette noodles, sprouted chick peas, vegan Quorn, salt, pepper and four teaspoons of Harissa paste, stir fried and served in wholemeal wraps. Just the right spiciness  :o)

Catch up time

A quick meal catch up…

IMG_3041           IMG_3042
Whilst I am vegan I understand this is not everyone’s choice.
For breakfast my stepson often has truly free range eggs poached on wholegrain toast.

IMG_3150           Photo 08-04-2016, 8 14 36 pm
The more colours on your plate, the more minerals and vitamins.
It’s a nice, simple way to make sure you’re getting a good variety.

IMG_3147     Photo 08-04-2016, 8 10 27 pm
Again, my favourite breakfast of muesli, fruit and seeds
and my favourite way to cook those wonder foods.
Broccoli, brussell sprouts and dark green leaves…this time, cavolo nero

Then there’s this, because, well, sometimes, just because…

apPEAling, no?


I made a pea and mint pesto for a pasta dish. It has pine nuts and garlic in it
which gave it a lovely taste. In its cold state it was thick and was very nice
on sticks of celery and spelt bread.


Once mixed with some of the pasta water it was great.
I served it with a mix of red cabbage, brussel sprouts, mushrooms,
walnuts, sesame seeds, leeks, celery and tomatoes.


The next day I watered it down, heated it up and used it as an
accompaniment to a Quorn curry with brown rice.
The mint and garlic really worked with the curry spices.

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